Hi-tech tubes
Hi-tech tubes
Hi-tech tubes

Hi-tech tubes

Produced in Europe

We specialize in designing and manufacturing tubes and spirals for automotive manufacturers in Europe, thanks to our extensive knowledge, and advanced technology.

Our products serve different automotive industry sectors, from braking systems to air suspension, and cooling circuits. ​

Our tubes and coils are made of hi-tech plastic materials, from POLYAMIDES (PA10.12, PA11, PA12) to PPS.
Our offer includes both smooth and corrugated pipes, extruded in mono or multi-layer structures. We can offer bulk, braided, thermoformed or beaded pipes, based on customer requirements.   

We use advanced production processes to ensure that our products exhibit exceptional performance in terms of durability, flexibility, and resistance to chemical agents, pressure, and temperature variations.​

Air brake system tubes and coils

Guaranteeing great durability over time, exceptional flexibility, and high resistance to weather and chemical agents.

Air suspension lines

Guarantee maximum resistance under high pressure, exceptional chemical resistance and durability.

SCR tubes

With excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical performance.